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im really attracted to fire. every person that is really important or a big part of my life in some way is a fire sign. and i've been thinking about why that could be since no part of my sign is really attracted to fire, but i think that may be it. i have every element in my sign except fire. virgo - earth. libra -air. and scorpio - water. so maybe thats it, its the one thing im missing.

anyway, i really enjoy fire. even when i feel like i dont completely mesh with the fire sign i still feel like i need it in some way. im never quite ready to give up on fire.
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ooh.. how interesting because i notice the same thing about how i blend with earth.. we don't repel so much as balance each other out. earth signs always seem to take on the role of my voice of reason. they always seem to give me the best, most practical advice. and i feel like i repay the favor by entertaining and exciting them.
Nobody loves Cancers.

(said the not stereotypical at all emotional Cancer)

Where aaaaare you? I miss you tons.
I like Cancers but they stress me the fuck out.
How could we stress you out?!

All we do is cry, bitch, and moan!

>>>>self-flagellating part-leo.
Oh so dramatic is the life of a Cancer. But at least they truly care about the people they love, it sucks to love somebody who's emotions are flighty.